4 Most Instagram-mable places of Lahore

It’s 2020 and we are all obsessed with Instagram. Whether it is our favourite food, our most-visited shopping destination or the most memorable road trip of our lives, if it is not in Instagram it did not happen.

For anyone who is in Lahore, looking for some artsy, Instagram-worthy content, here is a list of 4 places you need to visit.

Caution: These places are so ridiculously Instagrammable that you won’t even need a filter.

1. DEJA by Khadija

Tucked away in a quiet housing society is this uber-chic, bakery-cum-café painted in hues of pink, gold, grey and black. Visitors are ushered to a decent arrangement of gold-tinted wrought iron furniture gleaming in the broad daylight filtering through the huge glass windows. From the clipboards nailed to the blush-coloured walls to the silver floral stencil on the smoke-grey walls, this Parisian patisserie looks straight out of a Katy Perry video. Not to forget the delicious, artistically plated food, that is equally Instagram-worthy.

deja by khadija - lahore
Image Source: Deja by Khadija

2. Maribelle

Quickly search the hashtag #maribelle on Instagram and your page will be instantly flooded by hues of pink and roses. From the quilted, velvet seats, to the minimalist walls, the delicate cutlery and delicious desserts, Maribelle is a luxurious statement of femininity and French, all wrapped in pink. One of the two most Instagrammable features is the baby-pink telephone booth, which totally has a ‘Proudly Pink Barbie Doll meets Doctor Who’ vibe. The other, and probably the first thing that will catch your eye is a stunning, over-the-top flower wall curtained with beautiful rosettes and the quote ‘Adventure Awaits but First Dessert’ shining on it. One snap of that breathtaking wall on your Instagram and you will have more likes than the number of flowers on it.  

maribelle - lahore
Image Source: Maribelle Cafe

3. Coco Cubano

Celebrating the loud, exotic and vivacious culture of Havana, is a trendy Cuban inspired, Australian café located in the heart of Lahore, amidst the roaring traffic of the M.M. Alam Road. The bright teal interior, crawling with South-American street art, the ostentatious use of plants and floral arrangements and the rustic wooden booths paint a perfect Cuban portrait. For your next Instagram story, do not forget the ornamental Vespa parked in the lobby or the artsy showcase of vintage Cuban items on a large black shelf case.   

coco cubano - lahore
Image Source: Khadija Shah

4. Sweet Tooth Heera Mandi

Firstly, the bold display of teal and bright yellow, with quirky notes in Urdu and Punjabi on the exterior of this dessert bar, will easily outshine any Instagram filter. Secondly, the mesmerizing architecture, the view from the rooftop is equally exquisite-remnants of Mughal glory can be witnessed in the magnificence of the Badshahi Masjid from afar. One of the most distinguishable impressions of Sweet Tooth is its wildly innovative desserts. From the Belgian chocolate gol gappas to the infamous chocolate burger, the eatery offers desserts that not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also look stunning on your Instagram.    

sweet tooth lahore
Image Source: Sweeth Tooth

Next time you visit Lahore, do not forget to check out these places. And oh, take tons of photos. And, tag & share with us on Instagram #visitlahore / @visit_lahore.

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