New hotels in Lahore for your next stay

When you think of staying in Lahore, there are a few classic hotels that might pop into your mind – including PC Lahore and Avari Lahore. There’s no doubt that they offer some of the best rooms, and services across the town. But there are a few new hotels that are opening up in the city, and we’re listing them down for you to enjoy a fun stay in Lahore for your next visit!!

Top New Hotels in Lahore


Grand Ittehad Hotel

The Grand Ittehad Hotel has quickly gained fame due to its one-of-a-kind, high-end restaurant; Oak and Suede. The restaurant offers you premium cut beef imported from New Zealand, and the dishes are a treat you’ll remember for a lifetime.

This luxury hotel offers beautifully comfortable rooms, room service, and is located on Mehmud Kasuri Road, Gulberg, which is right next to MM Alam Road – the food hub of Lahore! You’ll have easy access to some of the best places in Lahore if you’re staying at the Grand Ittehad, and you’ll also have an extremely luxurious stay!
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Indigo Heights

Standing tall with 22 floors, the Indigo Heights hotel located in the heart of Gulberg offers you its luxurious amenities and a memorable stay being in close proximity with MM Alam Road, as well as Lahore’s famous Liberty Market!

Indigo Heights Lahore also offers board rooms for professional meetings and has also happened to become people’s favourite thanks to the Skye. The Skye is a roof-top restaurant offering a variety of different food dishes, with BBQ being the speciality. Another mellowed down the restaurant for guests to enjoy is the Lamessa, known for its hi-tea and exquisite dinner buffets!
Staying at Indigo Heights will be an experience you’ll never forget, all thanks to their hospitality!
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Ramada by Wyndham

A very well-known hotel chain has recently opened up its doors in Lahore. Situated in Gulberg II, Ramada welcomes guests from across the county, and the globe, to enjoy a comforting stay in their 133 exquisitely furnished rooms. With extreme comfort, and a feeling just like home, the management and staff there leave no stone unturned to ensure you face no issues whilst staying there.

Along with the stay, the guests are invited to dine in at Tajine to experience the Moroccan style of dining, with Moroccan, Chinese, Thai, and even Pakistani dishes to enjoy!
You can elongate your stay here to enjoy their spa and salon also – and not to mention, take a dip in their swimming pool every night during your summer stay!
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Ambiance Hotel

Now, this hotel is definitely one of a kind in a city like Lahore. Matching the rich historical and artistic culture of our beloved Lahore, Ambiance Hotel has added more colour and life by opening up an artistic boutique hotel in S block, Gulberg II.

Everything at Ambiance Hotel, including the wardrobes in their rooms and floors across the lobby, is curated by artists inspiring to give their very best. Everything is lovingly artistic, but you’ll enjoy most at Café Ambiance, dining in between artistic masterpieces and eating divine dishes to the fill of your heart (and stomach!)

This hotel is definitely the best for those who enjoy an artistic touch in life. The guests are always welcomed warmly and are given a comfortable yet luxurious lodging in one of the 24 beautiful rooms in the hotel. We definitely recommend you stay here when in Lahore next time!
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Royal Swiss Hotel

Royal Swiss Hotel is brining comfort to travellers, especially those who have longer stopovers at Allama Iqbal Airport, Lahore. Being in close proximity to the airport, this luxury hotel has recently opened its doors to everyone who wants to enjoy an extraordinary living, and dining experience in Lahore.
The hotel offers 302 rooms and suites, along with restaurants that cater to a vast taste palette – from Desi to Chinese and even Mediterranean food.

If you’re looking to enjoy a little apart from the comfort of a relaxing room, then simply head to the outdoors of the hotel and enjoy their swimming pool facility. Want a spa? No problem! Treat yourself at the Inspiration Spa, and calm your mind and body after, or before a long flight! You won’t regret it.
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Let us know if you’ve had a stay at either one of these new hotels in Lahore, and if not, you should note these down and stay here for your next visit to Lahore!

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