The Best Breakfast in Town | Cafe Aylanto in DHA Phase 3

Let me tell you a little story, The Lahori cuisine is so much more than Nihari’s and oily halwa puri. While that is something one might indulge in a couple times a year, what you need for daily breakfast is something light, delicious and energetic. A place with a good menu, ambiance and service. And there’s a place which ticks off all these boxes. If you’re anything like us and are a fan of the Mediterranean cuisine, Cafe Aylanto DHA Phase 3 is the place for you to be. The moment you enter the iron door, you feel the change of vibe and if you just let it sink in for a moment, hear the soft music, the dim lights and the ever so pleasant staff, it feels as if all your worries have faded for a while and all you’re meant to do is relax and enjoy your meal.
At Breakfast time, everything is calm, the soft morning light coming in through the windows paired with their colorful dishes really makes the breakfast a treat for the eyes and the taste buds. A great picture spot too! The attention to detail in this place really uplifts the whole dining experience. From gorgeous cutlery, beautiful yet comfortable furniture, attentive staff, soothing music, they’ve nailed it all.

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While you browse through the Lunch or the Breakfast menu, you are presented with a complimentary bread basket with butter on a wooden platter along with a veggies & dip plate to munch on as you decide what to get. The breakfast ends at 2pm on weekdays and the brunch ends at 4pm on Sundays! Honestly the most exciting part because who wants to get up early on weekends, right?
The breakfast menu has eggs in every possible way you can imagine. Omelette, poached, sunny side up, in a shakshuka, in tacos, scrambled and more. You actually cannot go wrong with whatever you order so go crazy! The Works, a dish we ordered came with poached eggs with a side of soft sliced Avocado (YUM!), melt in your mouth cheddar croquettes, smoked salmon, grilled sausages and the best ever hummus in Lahore. The first thing to go in the platter was, yes you guessed it right, the hummus! Absolutely divine.

After getting all the nutrients one could want from a breakfast, we craved for something sweet. And even if you wanted to keep the calories low, there’s delicious options like coconut yogurt with Chia seeds and crunchy homemade granola. But we wanted to indulge so we went for the country style waffles and as the waiter placed down the plate with gorgeous golden waffles with carefully placed sliced bananas on top and a scoop of ice cream and started to pour over warm chocolate sauce, I knew just how good this was going to be. And while some say the first bite matters, I do believe the last matters more. We couldn’t resist diving in and it tasted every bit as spectacular as it looked. We cannot wait to go back for more.

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We concluded the breakfast extravaganza with a cup of Karak Chai and a Cappuccino and just sat there for a few moments enjoying the caffeine kick in and in that moment, wished for nothing else. It was a wholesome and fulfilling experience to say the least. The vibe really is something else. We cannot help but recommend anyone who asks to Cafe Aylanto DHA Phase III. Great for meeting and connecting with friends over great food, taking clients, celebrating wins and so much more. We hope you have an experience as lovely as ours the next time you decide to visit.

Bon Appetit!

Locationn: Z Block, DHA Phase III, Lahore

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