9 of the Absolute Best Burgers in Lahore – The juicy, the cheesy and the greasy

There was a time when the ‘burger scene’ in Lahore was McDonald’s Big Mac or a late night fiasco to the nearby KFC diner. Well folks, gone are those days. If anything, we now have too many great burgers, making it all the more difficult to shortlist the absolute best burgers in Lahore. Brace yourself, for some of the most mouth-watering, food coma-inducing burgers Lahore has to offer.

Best burgers in Lahore

1. The Grand Beef, Jessie’s

The hype with this one is real! Jessie’s has some seriously delicious burgers, and what tops the list is their Grand Beef. Let me warn you that this bad boy is not for the faint of heart. The juicy beef patty complemented with the crispiness of turkey bacon, the indulgence of cheddar cheese and caramelized onions is truly heaven in a bun!  

2. Shroom and Swiss, Cannoli

Lahore’s burger scene levelled up when Cannoli opened its doors and this beef-loaded goodness hit the menu. Shroom and Swiss is Cannoli’s hottest seller and we know exactly why! It is nothing less than a delicious kaleidoscope of flavor; a perfectly grilled beef patty oozing with mushroom sauce and some bougy Swiss cheese.  

3. Diner-Mite Burger, Big Moe’s

Time to thank the OG Burger Lords, straight from the ‘Land of the Free’ for this magical creation. Stacked in a freshly toasted bun is a griddled beef patty, smoked chicken rashers, crispy Cajun onion rings and a cascade of BBQ sauce and melted cheddar cheese. I bet you can’t fit this beast of a burger in one bite!

4. Wehshi Zinger, Johnny & Jugnu

For those who do not know the Urdu language, you might wanna grab a dictionary for this one. As the name suggests, this burger is hands-down, SAVAGE! Do not be fooled, it is not your typical Zinger Burger. The crunch level is 10x higher, the flavors are beyond expectation and you get to pick from 6 different sauces!

5. Nuker, Burger Lab

Beef may be the everyman’s choice in a burger, but no one does it like Burger Lab’s Nuker. We are talking about smokin’ hot beef patties, cheesy fries and Burger Lab’s secret ingredient, the special animal sauce locked and loaded in soft ‘Potato Buns.’ Irresistible, till the last bite!

6.  Son of a Bun, Howdy

Come for the South-Western name, stay for the unapologetically blog, sloppy and messy burgers. Howdy has been a constant on Lahore’s burger scene and Son of a Gun is a classic! With three different levels of culinary perfection, that is a stack of double beef patties, double cheese and turkey strips, Son of a Gun is a must-have!

7. What a Burger, Ministry of Burgers

If you like your burgers over-the-top and more extra than Kim Kardashian then the Ministry of Burgers is just the right place for you. This small burger joint is famous for its big, monstrous burgers and What a Burger is a true people’s choice! The simple, yet winning combination of a smashed beef patty, chilli sauce and cheese can be levelled up with three, four and even more beef patties!   

8. The Messi, Daily Deli Co.  

This is one beast of a burger! A truly messy combination of spicy jalapenos, tangy salsa sauce and crunchy nachos, the Messi comes in two variant, both chicken and beef. Amp up this pure meat-n- cheese indulgence with an extra bologna slice or the good ol’ honey mustard dip.  

9. Commando Crispy, Project PHAT

We don’t mean to phat-shame but Project PHAT’s Commando Crispy is pretty hot and tempting! If you are tired of the same old beef burgers then it’s time to try this nauseatingly cheesy, drool-worthy, chicken delight! It is stuffed with a double chicken patty and lathered in piping hot, melted cheese; all the right ingredients to fulfil your Sunday night cravings.

Did we miss any of your favorite in this list of best burgers in Lahore? Get in touch and let us know asap!

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