15 of the Absolute Best Burgers in Lahore – The juicy, the cheesy and the greasy

There was a time when the ‘burger scene’ in Lahore was McDonald’s Big Mac or a late-night fiasco to the nearby KFC diner. Well, folks, gone are those days. If anything, we now have too many great burgers, making it all the more difficult to shortlist the absolute best burgers in Lahore. Brace yourself, for some of the most mouth-watering, food coma-inducing burgers Lahore has to offer.

Best Burgers in Lahore

1. BAE, Phase 3, DHA

BAE is such a perfect name for a burger chain that will actually satisfy your hunger pangs as soon as you delve into the juicy patties and soft buns.

But that’s not the only amazing thing about them, their taste is impeccable and you have a lot you can choose from off their menu. Our suggestion? If you’re craving a chicken burger, try out the Peri Peri blast – but if you’re a meat-lover and want something beefy, definitely try the magic mushroom burger!

There’s a separate category for Fillet burgers, catering to those who enjoy fillet burgers on their burger evenings.

2. SMASH, Bagh Ali Road and Phase 2 DHA

Smash Lahore has a very unique story to itself, and everyone ought to know as well. From being a simple burger take-away, to now one of the best beef burger take-outs in Lahore, Smash has done utterly well; and so has its founder Ali! Ali started this venture of cooking smashing burgers at home that gained fame across the city, and now he has a kitchen serving hundreds daily to satisfy their craving for the juicy and delicious beef patty burgers.

The menu at Smash is fairly simple: they offer 3 burgers that are similar, but with single, double and triple patty – and you can choose it according to your liking! There is an add-on as well so you can cater the taste to your palette, and they even offer fully delicious milkshakes…the perfect meal for a hungry evening!

3. Just Burgers, CSD Mall Cavalry Ground

As you’ve probably already guessed, Just Burgers is a chain that literally offers you “just burgers”, but burgers that will make you dream about them at night – and we’re not exaggerating. You get a variety of different options to choose from, and a choice to have your burgers with either a Chicken or a Beef patty. Depending on how hungry you are, you can also decide to have a single or a double patty when you’re trying out beef burgers (yum!) – and if you want our suggestion, do go for their Just Jalapeno beef burger with a double patty meal. But if you’re a chicken burger lover, then perhaps try the Just Tangy Chicken Burger.

Just Burgers is located in CSD Mall near Cavalry Ground, Lahore.

4. Johnny & Jugnu, Phase 6 DHA

For those who do not know the Urdu language, you might wanna grab a dictionary for this one. As the name suggests, this burger is hands-down, SAVAGE! Do not be fooled, it is not your typical Zinger Burger. The crunch level is 10x higher, the flavors are beyond expectation and you get to pick from 6 different sauces!

5. Amavi, MM Alam Road and Phase 3 DHA

Amavi definitely deserves a place on this list because it offers something most burger places don’t, and that’s a Keto Burger. So calling out all diet conscious people, and all those on the Keto bandwagon, you don’t need to fear burgers anymore! Just head over to Amavi and try their Keto Burger, with a deliciously made patty stuffed between keto buns, I bet it’s already making your mouth water.

And if you want to try a normal burger, well, their Wagyu Burger is definitely one that stands out also – thanks to the Wagyu beef used. Imported, tender and juicy, the Wagyu beef in the Wagyu burger will easily become your favourite!

Amavi has two branches in Lahore, one in DHA Y block and the other in Gulberg where you can dine in and enjoy a nice burger evening.

6. Pasta La Vista, Phase 2 DHA

Don’t be fooled by the name, Pasta La Vista doesn’t “only” serve pasta. In fact, it’s quite a decent burger place as well! Giving you the Italian touch in their food, and offering 2 very generous portions of juicy and delicious burgers, dining in at Pasta La Vista for a burger evening might just be what you need!

The Classic PLV and Florentine burgers are both double beef patty burgers and served with criss-cross fries (win-win!) so you can decide which ingredients are more suited to your liking, and enjoy your burgers heartily.

7. Big Moe’s, Emporium Mall

Time to thank the OG Burger Lords, straight from the ‘Land of the Free’ for this magical creation. Stacked in a freshly toasted bun is a griddled beef patty, smoked chicken rashers, crispy Cajun onion rings and a cascade of BBQ sauce and melted cheddar cheese. I bet you can’t fit this beast of a burger in one bite!

8. Jessie’s, Gulberg 2 – Phase 5 DHA – Johar Town

The hype with this one is real! Jessie’s has some seriously delicious burgers, and what tops the list is their Grand Beef. Let me warn you that this bad boy is not for the faint of heart. The juicy beef patty complemented with the crispiness of turkey bacon, the indulgence of cheddar cheese and caramelized onions is truly heaven in a bun!  

9. Howdy, MM Alam – Packages Mall – Johar Town – Model Town – Emporium Mall

Come for the South-Western name, stay for the unapologetically blog, sloppy and messy burgers. Howdy has been a constant on Lahore’s burger scene and Son of a Gun is a classic! With three different levels of culinary perfection, that is a stack of double beef patties, double cheese and turkey strips, Son of a Gun is a must-have!

10. Ministry of Burgers, Main Boulevard Gulberg

If you like your burgers over-the-top and more extra than Kim Kardashian then the Ministry of Burgers is just the right place for you. This small burger joint is famous for its big, monstrous burgers and What a Burger is a true people’s choice! The simple, yet winning combination of a smashed beef patty, chilli sauce and cheese can be levelled up with three, four and even more beef patties!   

11. Project PHAT, Phase 1 DHA

We don’t mean to phat-shame but Project PHAT’s Commando Crispy is pretty hot and tempting! If you are tired of the same old beef burgers then it’s time to try this nauseatingly cheesy, drool-worthy, chicken delight! It is stuffed with a double chicken patty and lathered in piping hot, melted cheese; all the right ingredients to fulfil your Sunday night cravings.

12. MELT, Phase 4 DHA

Melt is offering mouth-watering and delicious burgers that will literally “melt” in your mouth with every bite. Soft, juicy, tender…all these adjectives don’t match what Melt has in store for you.

Offering both beef burgers as well as chicken burgers, Melt is the place to go for a group of friends who have different tastes and would like to eat burgers with different patties. If you take our opinion, try their Cheetos Burger in the chicken patty! The flamin’ hot Cheetos ought to give you a good taste. As for the beef burgers, the classic-o is unbeatable. You can make a meal out of it with fries and a drink or milkshake, whichever you like.

13. Cosa Nostra, Gulberg – Phase 3 DHA – Phase 5 DHA

Cosa Nostra is the maestro of serving delicious Italian food, and their burgers are equally good with that much loved Italian touch. Cosa Nostra offers a range of different choices that you can choose from, and each of their burgers can be made in either a Beef patty or a Chicken patty – good news! You can decide to have your favourite flavours in either chicken or beef.

Our suggestion would be to try their famous BLT with Beef Patty – turkey bacon on top of beef just makes a fulfilling and delicious choice.

They also have a low-carb choice for those who don’t want to take any extra calories, so everyone’s good to go! Cosa Nostra is located in Gulberg, Y block DHA and Phase 5 DHA.

14. Godere, Vogue Towers MM Alam

Godere is the perfect hangout spot, especially for friends who enjoy exquisite food and juicy burgers! Whether it be chicken burgers or beef burgers – Godere has a menu that offers it all.

If you’re a chicken burger lover, try their delicious butterfly milk chicken burger. And if you’re looking to dive your teeth into a beef patty, then you ought to have their double patty!

You can further have fries with sauces of your liking, as well as milkshakes and drinks to compliment your meal and fill your hungry tummy! You can enjoy Godere burgers at MM Alam Road, Lahore.

15. Burger Lab, Packages Mall – Phase 3 DHA – MM Alam Road – Johar Town

Beef may be the everyman’s choice in a burger, but no one does it like Burger Lab’s Nuker. We are talking about smokin’ hot beef patties, cheesy fries and Burger Lab’s secret ingredient, the special animal sauce locked and loaded in soft ‘Potato Buns.’ Irresistible, till the last bite!

Did we miss any of your favorite in this list of best burgers in Lahore? Get in touch and let us know asap!

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