9 of the Best Dessert Places in Lahore

A sweet tooth can kick in at any time for Lahoris, be it for a quick morning breakfast, sometime during the day, or an after-dinner fulfilment of your craving. Dessert is a big part of our lives, and so we have a healthy amount of places where you can satisfy whatever taste palette you’re craving! So here’s a list of places you can go for dessert whenever you’re craving something sweet.

Best Dessert Places in Lahore

1. Dessert Directory, Y Block DHA Phase 3

Dessert Directory is literally a French-inspired boutique dessert shop – with all your sweet tooth craving solutions under one roof. Several different home-based bakers have their products here, so you can buy as much as you’d like! The best thing is everything is very light on the stomach – their mini cheesecakes are literally one bite cheesecakes, so…perhaps you can try a bunch of different ones all at once (because we do that sometimes and its amazing guys…)

Our suggestion would be to try their Crème Brule, and definitely the Lindt Tart. You won’t regret either of these.

2. Layers Bakeshop, Y Block DHA Phase 3 – DHA Phase 5 – MM Alam Road – Johar Town

Layers – Bakeshop took Lahore over by a storm almost as instantly as it opened up in Y block – but also the wonderful thing about them is that you get to enjoy some of the best desserts in Lahore in extremely affordable prices!

You’ll find everything you can imagine here – cupcakes, cakes and even sundaes, whatever you want! Their products are extremely moist, always fresh, and very delicious also. Our suggestion to you would be to try the Galaxy Sundaes, and if you’re looking to have a cake – their Salted Caramel has an unbeatable taste.

3. Butler’s Chocolate Café, Package Mall and Hussain Chowk

A list of the best Dessert Places would literally be incomplete without mentioning the one Café that revolutionized the Dessert Café scene in Lahore – Butler’s Chocolate Café! The name itself signifies their signature items, which are chocolates and all chocolatey desserts. This place is a dream come true for all chocolate lovers, so if you want to have a nice time and amazing desserts, head over to Butlers Chocolate Café!

You’ll find an extensive menu here including savoury and sweets both, but because we’re talking about desserts let us tell you their speciality: their molten lava cake. It is extremely rich in taste, and for those of you who like a bitter-sweet taste, this molten lava is everything you’ve ever dreamt of.

4. Sweet Affairs, Gulberg II

Sweet Affairs by Saniya Waqar gives you a truly magical experience as well. Their ice cream, desserts, and cakes are loved by all equally. The best thing is, they make customized cakes as well – so if you’re looking to celebrate your big day (yes, a birthday, engagement, or even a wedding!) with a cake that has the best taste in town, perhaps placing an order with the best in town will do the trick.

Don’t forget to try out their ice cream while you’re at it! The texture is rich, creamy, and delicious.

5. English Tea House, Gulberg II and Z Block DHA Phase 3

Although well known for serving the best breakfast in Lahore, English Tea House is also loved by Lahoris for its exquisite desserts. English Tea House has a very warm ambience, with an aroma of freshly baked bread and croissants always filling the cafes whenever you walk in.

The two desserts to definitely try at English Tea House include their Lava Cake and Bread Pudding. These both falls towards a sweeter side, and are heavy as well, so make sure you have room in your tummy whenever you go to try these desserts! Honestly, even if you have these as a whole meal…no one’s judging you. We’ve done it quite a few times ourselves!

6. Cake Company by Ganache, Z Block DHA Phase 3

Looking for some great patisserie, cupcakes or brownies? Cake Company by Ganache is the perfect place to be getting all of these!

You should try their Chocolate Hazelnut Babka bread, which is freshly baked every day with a mouth-watering aroma. It’s a unique bread not offered by a lot of dessert places in Lahore, so it’s definitely their speciality!

If you’re also looking for some tea time treats to enjoy with your afternoon tea, try their mini eclairs or fresh cream rolls.

7. Baked, PAF Market

Baked is the house of freshly “baked” goodies, all in one place! At baked you will find products mostly from professional home bakers. The donuts at Baked are the hit item on the menu, so perhaps you should try a flavour best suited to your liking. We are Nutella lovers, so the Nutella choco dip is the one we can recommend to you!

But other than donuts, they have deliciously sweet tarts, freshly baked patisserie, mouth-watering brownies, and all kinds of sweet bread you crave to fulfil your sweet tooth!

8. Deja By Khadija, SUI GAS Society

Now you didn’t think we forgot to put donuts on the list, did you… Deja by Khadija is a beautiful little café that serves gorgeous portions of dessert, but is best known for their deliciously filled donuts. They’ve got every flavour you can think of, and you won’t understand the hype until you try it yourself of course. These freshly baked donuts are nothing short of little pieces of heaven the moment they strike your taste buds, and we’re not exaggerating one bit.

Our favourite donut is… well honestly, all of them depending on what our mood is! Good luck trying to figure out what flavour is your favourite, and while you’re at it, let us know too!

9. Hotspot, T Block DHA Phase II and Qadaffi Stadium

Hotspot gives a nostalgic feeling to all Lahoris we’re sure. It’s the OG place, one of the first for desserts where all the cool teens would hang out after classes! Luckily, the hotspot has yet not lost its charm, and is still one of the most loved places by all to go to especially if they’re craving ice creams, cakes, or any kind of dessert in general!

Hotspot has a very fun atmosphere as well, with different action figures, scandalous posters, etc. so it always makes it a nice place for friends to hang out together and enjoy some sweets. Our suggestion would be to try their cheesecakes, and definitely their Super Sonic Fudge Sundaes!

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