10 Best English Breakfast Places in Lahore

Starting your morning with a great breakfast is all you need to brighten up the rest of your day! Well, no worries because we have the perfect list of the English breakfast places in Lahore that will make your mornings a heavenly experience. This list caters to everyone’s interests, so look out for where you’ll be going next for a delightful breakfast! Featured Image [IG @butt.eats]

Best English Breakfast Places in Lahore

Wasabi, Gulberg III – DHA Phase III

Wasabi has been making a mark ever since last year when they launched their breakfast menu. Their in house croissants are the softest buttery baked good that you’ll keep coming back for. From their Eggs Benedict, pancakes and waffles to their Smoothie bowls and Tartines everything is served to perfection and the best part is that their service is always consistent and great!

It is definitely up there for one of the best continental breakfast places in Lahore. Don’t forget to check out their Gulberg and DHA branch for an exotic breakfast with an equally great ambience!

Sweet Affairs, Gulberg II

A beautiful bakery situated in Gulberg 2 that has been here for a long time and is loved by everyone due to always keeping their service up to mark. This is a place to visit when you feel like treating yourself to some heavenly sugary breakfast like waffles and pancakes! As the name states their breakfast items are definitely a sweet affair worth ruining your diet for. Pair their breakfast up with a steaming cup of coffee and you are good to spend the rest of your day happy and satisfied!

Eggspectations, Gulberg III

Eggspectations is an international eatery that just opened in Lahore, creating immense hype with its launch. The restaurant has definitely lived up to its hype by serving the most delectable food with so many unique variations of breakfast dishes.

This place is worth recommending to people who are a fan of English breakfast and like to try out new dishes! Although a bit on the pricier side, our experience at Eggspectations was eggcellent! We were absolutely in love with their smoked salmon benny. And for a sweet kick, their s’mores French toast are the perfect sweet soft gooey treat! Do let us know about your experience at this beautiful eatery situated in Boulevard 57 in Gulberg.

English Tea House, Gulberg III AND DHA Phase 3

English tea house never fails to surprise us with their amazing ambience and silver service. This is a go-to place for some premium English breakfast! Everything on their menu is a must try to make your breakfast a delightful meal of the day! Dining at their Dha branch or even in the space set outside their Gulberg branch and sipping on a warm cup of coffee while digging into their mouthwatering pancakes is an experience that one shouldn’t miss.

Deja by Khadija, Sui Gas Society

A cute little eatery in Sui gas that has been trending among the influencers because of the beautiful interior of the place. But it doesn’t stop at that, their food is exceptionally good, especially their breakfast! It is a humble cafe with exquisite food options. Not only does it taste great but it is plated beautifully as well with special attention to the details. Don’t forget to finish your meal off with one of their lattes because it will definitely be a perfect cup of morning coffee. It will definitely be a great end to your breakfast.

Sasha’s, Gulberg III

With so many eateries located in Mall 1, Gulberg, Sasha stands out because of their amazing food and especially exceptional breakfast! The best part is that their menu consists of both desi and English breakfast with the concept of ‘all day breakfast’. Everything they serve is fresh with great quality and portions.

Don’t forget to try their Superfood yoghurt and fruit parfait as well as their Nutella French toast to make your morning breakfast an extremely enjoyable meal!

Thanda Garam, Gulberg II – DHA Phase 3

How about ordering a breakfast that is not only pleasing to your taste but to your eyes as well? TG is a small eatery located in Y block DHA that serves a breakfast almost too beautiful to eat. They have a small seating capacity that is good in a way because it means that you are served with attention. Their TG stack, French toast with seasonal fruit and vanilla cream and TG pink smoothie bowl are our personal favourites! The best part is that this is a great place for fitness conscious people as the menu is made fresh and calories for each dish is mentioned. To top it all off they are serving some of the best drinks that are a great way to kick start your morning with freshness. Don’t forget to try their Flirtea and lemon zapper. Absolutely yum!

Amu’s, Gulberg II

If you are feeling fancy and are ready to have a great fine dine experience for brunch then Amu’s is the right place for you. It is an intimate experience with a relaxed ambience and a great menu that you’ll remember forever! They offer Breakfast on Sunday’s where they create the perfect menu to serve you. You just have to make reservations in advance and then you are all set! Start off your breakfast with their delicious fruity drinks and then savour some of the best eggs Benedict and homemade sourdough bread. This place will set your breakfast standards so high that you would want to visit this place every Sunday for an exotic experience.

Jade Cafe by China Town, DHA Phase 4

Like to start your day with some delicious eggs? Well, no worries because Jade cafe will leave you feeling excited and confused with the variety of egg dishes available on their menu. Be it a Spanish skillet omelette, some baked eggs or a beautifully served Shakshuka, they definitely know how to satisfy your morning cravings. To end your breakfast on a sweeter note, don’t forget to try out their Nutella French toast that will keep you coming back for more!

The Brasserie, Gulberg II

The Brasserie is located in Mall 1, Gulberg got a lot of hype because of serving artistic coffee’s which had the customer’s pictures on it. But that is not the only thing they are famous for because they serve the best desi thali’s which is quite a culinary experience for the customers. Each thali has a different combination of desi dishes to fulfil all your cravings. You’d be surprised to try out their Nihari and kulcha as it is absolutely divine that you will definitely keep coming back for more.

Which of these English breakfast places in Lahore have you tried already? Let us know!

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