Lahore Coffee Shops: 7 of The Best Cafes that you need to visit for your next caffeine fix

‘Don’t talk to me until I have had my coffee!’

If you are all too familiar with this phrase then kudos! You have come to the right place. From one coffee crack head to another, it is safe to say we can’t thank this magical elixir enough for all the times it rescued us through 7 a.m. alarms or 2 a.m. deadlines. But more often than confessed, a coffee lover is inclined towards an indulgent latte-induced experience, surrounded by his friends at his favourite coffee shop. For those, here is a list of 7 of Lahore’s top coffee destinations that you need to try out ASAP!

Best coffee shops in Lahore

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Brace yourself for a caffeine overdose, as this SoCal-born and raised franchise offer both coffee AND tea specialties. The toughest decision you will have to make is to choose from an insanely wide selection of over 50 beverages, ranging from Bazil Cerrado Coffee to the Black Dragon Pearl Tea. The coffee joint also makes the finest ice-blended coffees which are all the rave this year. Grab one before you run out of summer!

Second Cup Coffee Company

Enter a Second Cup outlet and you will be welcomed by big, bright-colored sofas that will devour you as soon as you sit in one and the heady aroma of freshly brewed Arabica rainforest Alliance beans that will devour your senses as soon as you succumb to it. The aesthetically displayed book collection can offer great companionship with a speciality latte or cappuccino.


Some recall Espresso as a humble, 18-seater café while for others it is their late-night, after-work caffeine retreat. Either way, Espresso will always feel like home. This go-to coffee spot offers over 13 hot brew and 10 cold brew options with a dash of iced coffee on the menu. And did I mention, an all-day breakfast menu?

Coffee Planet

From the run-of-the-mill lattes and cappuccinos to perfectly blended ristrettos and the signature After Eight coffee, this java hotspot has some serious coffee cred. We are talking caffeinated perfection that is also reasonably priced and accompanied by a warm, welcoming ambience at each of its many outlets in Lahore.

Coffee Bar

Come for the rustic yet serene outdoorsy ambience, stay for the ridiculously amazing coffee. Whether you are snagging a daily morning brew, catching up with an old friend or doing your lazy Sunday scrolling over your laptop, everything is better with a hot beverage at the Coffee Bar. Unlike other international chains on this list, Coffee Bar is your real ‘neighbourhood coffee shop’.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean’s is to Lahore, what Starbucks is to America. Or Tim Hortons to Canada. This coffee shop is not only top-of-the-list of every coffee addict, it is an essential component of the coffee culture in Lahore. Besides its wide range of homemade coffee blends and numerous caffeinated beverages, this coffee empire also offers unique flavored drinks that are simply irresistible!

Mocca Coffee

An establishment as vintage as the mosques in Lahore, Mocca is the perfect place to stop by to get some work done or just to have a breather with your girlfriends. No doubt, it is a tad bit expensive but the minimalistic interior, the warm ambience, a large assortment of hot and cold coffees and not-to-forget the delicious desserts are worth all the dough!

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