22 Of The Best Home Bakers in Lahore

There’s definitely no match for the talent that is found in Lahore – art-wise, taste-wise, and food-wise too! It’s already well-known that Lahoris have a great love for food, which is why the city probably has some of the best restaurants across the country – but that’s not all – we also have some top-notch home bakers that will blow your mind away!

One benefit of having out-of-this-world home bakers is that they’re cost-efficient, and you can get as many cookies, brownies, bagels (and all your favourite items) whenever you want! Just place an order online, and eat your heart away. We have compiled a list of home bakers in Lahore, just for you! Featured Image via IG @iqwees_bakery.

Home Bakers in Lahore

Bismah’s Bake Shop

We don’t think we’ve seen beauty the way we’ve seen it in cakes made by Bismah. She started off with her cakes in LUMS, and now she’s definitely one of the best bakers in town. Her cakes are usually all buttercream, designed and crafted to perfection.
You will never be able to resist the gorgeousness they depict, and we can’t forget about the taste…absolutely divine! Her Instagram username is ‘bismahsbakeshop’


There’s just no compromise on quality and aesthetics when it comes to Eesha. She’s been making bulk orders of cakes, cupcakes, and even brownies to absolute perfection every single time! Her dessert looks like art, literally.
If you’re willing to give out a few giveaways, want to make engagement/wedding favors, customize acrylic cake box or make a baby announcement – Cupcation is your go-to place! The taste is unbeatable, and the service you’ll get is matchless too. Don’t be shy, head over to ‘cupcationbyeesha’ now!


Oh forget about placing orders 2-3 days in advance, if you’re craving for something the very same day, Zaza is your go-to place! Fudgey, gooey cookies are their specialty but don’t forget to try out their bite-sized brownies. They taste better than they look, and make for the perfect snack too. Order a few sweet snacks from them for tea if you’re having your friends over, and trust us, you will all love everything!
Find Zaza’s bakery creations at ‘zaza.pkk’ on Instagram.

Iqwees Bakery

Iqwees is “making Lahore sweeter” and it couldn’t be any less true. You will find the most beautiful and delicious tasting cakes on her Instagram page ‘iqwees_bakery’ – probably best suited for the occasion of a wedding!
They are currently best known for their cruffins and donuts. They have now also started making donut bouquets for special events, like Father’s Day! A perfectly wrapped up donut bouquet, won’t it make just anyone on the planet SO happy? You definitely have to try them out.

Honey and Salt

Run by 4 extremely passionate and enthusiastic sisters, Honey and Salt have made it to one of our top options thanks to their beautiful presentation and yummy-licious cookies! Gooey and chunky, with a lot of flavors to offer, you can simply go on their Instagram page and order whichever seems to fit your tastebuds.
And along with cookies, you’ll also find them offering you yummy dessert platters; the perfect dessert menu for whenever your friends or family are over at your place! Just remember to order about 2-3 days in advance! Their Instagram username is ‘honeyandsaltofficial’

La Cuisine

Best known for their cupcakes, the one thing that makes them stand out exquisitely is the fact that they cater events and functions too! So if you want a beautiful dessert table set out for your event, La Cuisine is probably the people to go to! Their Instagram page is super bright and colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and definitely mouth-watering. You can check them out at lacuisinelahore’

The Cakery Bakery

Looking for some cakes for a birthday? Bridal shower? Oh man, even for graduation! The Cakery Bakery offers you a variety of all – cakes in several different flavours, and you can choose your favorite. Just give them the design you want, and allow them some time to craft together beauty and taste in the shape of a cake! You won’t regret it.
You can view their cakes on Instagram at ‘thecakerybakerylahore’

Jaweria Usman

Jaweria Usman has definitely taken the spotlight here – she doesn’t have a professional baking degree. In fact, she’s self-taught at home, and has a crazy passion for baking! Thanks to her passion, we all enjoy her creations with utmost delight. She has cheesecakes to die for, and we’re not just exaggerating. You have to try it to know what we’re talking about, so go on ahead to her Instagram page and place your ORDERS! You can find her at ‘jaweriausman’ on Instagram. While you’re at it, do check out her other products too!

Alina’s Cocina

Look out for some beautiful dessert baskets, the perfect giveaways for birthdays, wedding favors, or even on Eid. You could get platters and baskets set up by Alina, and they look absolutely adorable. That’s not it, her cookies and bread taste great too! Head over to her Instagram now to check out what we’re talking about ‘alinascocina’

The Guilty Whisk

Anushey stands distinct from her fellow bakers due to an innovative thing she offers; cakes with cookies on the side! The perfect dessert platter. Just imagine a deliciously yummy chocolate fudge cake in the middle, with chocolate chip homemade cookies doing rounds on the cake plate… it’s going to be Eid for everyone there at the party! We just know it.
Her platters and cakes are well-known, so if you’re willing to try out her creations, simply place an order at ‘theguiltywhisk_lhr’

The Little Bakery

Fancy some scones, cookies, even pies? Well, the Little Bakery is your solution. Try out her baked items, and if you want to take a break from the good ol’ regular cakes, perhaps give her a chance to woo you with her scones and pies. Just place an order, and wait for your tastebuds to be mesmerized! You can check out her baking at ‘thelittlebakerypk’ on Instagram.

Coco Cheri

You didn’t think we forgot about Coco Cheri and her DIVINE macaroons did you? Nope, not a chance!
Coco Cheri is quite well known for her pastel-colored, beautiful to look at, even better in taste, macaroons! Her feed is so pretty, anyone who stumbles upon her insta ‘cococheribakeri’ is found to place orders with her.
You can get customized boxes of cupcakes as well as macaroons. If you want, use them as gifts, or just devour them all by yourself at home, during a movie night! Comfort food is simply the best, and we find comfort in Coco Cheri’s macaroons and cupcakes.


Amna is a very hands-on mom, but she’s also a super hands-on baker. Her desserts are extremely pretty, and delicious too. We would recommend you try her cheesecakes – whether it be strawberry, lotus, or blueberry, just ORDER her cheesecake guys! Tastes great, melts in your mouth and leaves you with a sensation of longing for more – always.
A-Creations further offers some exquisite layered desserts, that you can tie up with cakes and turn them into a platter! The perfect platter for a best friend or special someone’s birthday. Go ahead and check her out at ‘acreationsbyamna’ on Instagram.

Vanilla by Hafsa Zulfiqar

You know the first thing that’s caught our attention…her classic chocolate cake! She makes it look so easy, but this cake is definitely extremely moist from the inside and topped up with some of the BEST frostings that you can possibly find! Order this cake of 2 pounds in JUST Rs.1500, and 6 people can easily share it. So what are you waiting for? Head over to ‘vanillabyhafsazulfiqar’ and order this divine luxury for your tastebuds now!

Hey Cookie

Don’t be fooled just by the name, because this home baker has a lot more to offer than just cookies. Fall in love with their profiteroles, their kid-friendly fudgy chocolate loaf cake topped with colorful bunties, and of course the famous rose and pistachio donuts!
You can find them on Instagram with the username ‘heycookie.lhr’

The Tea Cake Company

The Tea Cake company offers you a unique solution for tea time every day. This page will definitely come in handy for all those ladies who really enjoy a good kitty tea party! They are also extremely well known for their dessert jars – you can get your favorite flavors like Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry, and enjoy these toppings with your tea cake at home! A unique idea indeed, and one that is loved by everyone. You can check out their dessert jars on Instagram at ‘theteacakeco’

Neha Saqib

Yes of course, how can we forget the lovely Neha Saqib. The trendsetter in this industry, the one who was first to introduce “Cheetos sliders” on her menu, was then followed by many who loved them! Neha is kind enough to post her recipes on her Instagram page ‘nehasa_22’ from time to time, encouraging her followers to cook/bake at home as well. Her brownies and cookies are also divine, gooey, chewy, chunky, fudgey, every adjective seems less here – they’re just THAT good!

The Sweet Rack

Run by Maryam and Saud together, the Sweet Rack is constantly there satisfying your sweet cravings day and night. They serve irresistible desserts across Lahore, but the two items that have particularly won over our hearts are their Chocolate Tarts and Kunafas! Ah Kunafa – the sweet Turkish dessert that never fails to mesmerize our taste buds. Trust us, no one does Kunafa quite like the Sweet Rack.
You can grab brownies, cookies, and even the best cheesecakes right here! Check them out on Instagram “thesweetrackcompany”

A Broke Baker

Started out as a “broke” baker, now we’re sure they’re a “not-so-broke” baker! A Broke Baker has wowed its customers with the variety they offer – from bagels and Nutella babkas to the best bagel sandwiches across Lahore. You just can’t ever go wrong with anything you order from them. Their Focaccia, pretzels, babkas and brownies are to die for! Go ahead and order from them at ‘abrokebaker’ on Instagram.

Murrad Gillani

In a sea full of female bakers, this boy has indeed proven himself to be one of the best in Lahore. His food page initially caught attention thanks to his chewy cookies – just divine. You can see videos of them all over his Instagram feed, and believe us, that is his best-selling item!
However, over time, he has increased the offerings in his menu, and now we think his doughnuts, brownies, and cookies have all the attention. His doughnuts are driving people crazy! Don’t wait too long to place your order here, you won’t be disappointed. You can try out Murrad’s products by ordering them on his Instagram page ‘murrad_gillani’

Big Fat Rolls

You know what was missing on this list? Cinnamon rolls! And no one does them better than Big Fat Rolls. Those chubby fresh cinnamon rolls with different frostings on top…just thinking about them is making our mouths water! You can get a box of these beautifully assorted cinnamon rolls and enjoy them with loved ones, or by yourself (no judgment there, the rolls are so good you might want to keep them all to yourself)
But their specialty doesn’t just end with cinnamon roll boxes, they go on to give you another crazy sweet: donuts! Yep, try out these famous donuts and cinnamon rolls by placing your orders on their Instagram page “bigfatrolls”

The Flour Girl

The Flour Girl, run by Mehrunnisa, is doing outstandingly well. Just a simple look at their page will show you how their brownies stand out, not only on the face of it but even in taste. Mehrunnisa has worked extremely hard on her brownie recipe to help ensure the taste is intense, fudgey, and more chocolatey than ever.
Another thing you should try off her menu is the salted triple choc chunk cookies – check out the chocolate simply oozing out of the fresh cookie goodness! Check her out on Instagram at ‘theflourgirl.lhr’

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