Best Restaurants in Lahore | 25 of the best restaurants in Lahore

If you’re looking to enjoy a night out with family or you want to catch up with an old friend, dining out at some of the best restaurants in Lahore is probably a good idea to do that. We’ve compiled a list of the 25 best restaurants in Lahore, and we know you’ll love these! Featured Image [via IG @ayza.mahmud]

Best Restaurants in Lahore

Café Aylanto, MM Alam Road and DHA Phase III

Known for its beautiful outdoor courtyard, Café Aylanto is a people’s favourite for sitting out in the evenings and enjoying a fancy meal. Aylanto offers a variety of foods, focusing on mainly Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Their best hits are the Moroccan Chicken, the Sole Mediterranean, and the BBQ grill! Nonetheless, their beef steaks are some of the best in Lahore – but their Cream of Mushroom soup steals the show so don’t forget to order it for your starter!

Café Aylanto is located on MM Alam Road as well as DHA Phase III.

Wasabi, Gulberg and DHA Phase III

Don’t get us wrong…we’re not trying to lure you into eating sushi. But if you haven’t still tried it, there’s much that you’re missing! Wasabi is a Japanese restaurant offering a variety of sushi rolls and live teppanyaki cooking also at reasonable prices. However, if you’re not willing to go for sushi, perhaps having breakfast at Wasabi is a good idea. We can definitely say with all our surety that Wasabi offers the best breakfast across Lahore! The restaurant is built in a very minimalistic manner, aligned with Japanese beliefs and traditions.

You can dine in at Wasabi in Gulberg and in DHA.

Spice Bazaar, MM Alam and DHA Phase VI

Let’s talk a little about our desi food – for which Spice Bazaar hands down tops the list. Spice Bazaar is a beautifully built restaurant just off MM Alam Road, that offers you Pakistani Cuisine with a burst of our unique spices! From malai botti, mutton chops and chicken handi, to their parathas and freshly made naans, you can quench your thirst for amazing desi food here!

Spice Bazaar also offers hi-tea between 3 PM to 7 PM through the week, so don’t forget to try that out too. You’ll find a fusion of Chinese and Desi food, along with a whole salad, goll gappay, and dessert counter!

Sumo, DHA Phase III and Gulberg

Sumo has got to be on the top of every list, thanks to its exquisite interior and outstanding taste in food. They offer a variety of Japanese fused dishes, and although you might take some time getting used to their garlic-y and soy sauce-y tastes, it might soon become one of your favourite places to dine out in Lahore!

With freshly rolled sushi and live Teppanyaki cooking, the experience at Sumo is never disappointing. Don’t forget to try their Dynamite California rolls and Beef Teppanyaki whenever you visit! Sumo has restaurants in Gulberg and DHA Phase III.

Pasta La Vista, DHA Phase II

Finally! Lahore has a place dedicated to pasta! So we call all pasta lovers – if you want to try excellent pasta, then Pasta La Vista is the place to be. From alfredo pasta to gnocchi and even pizzas, your Italian pasta and pizza dreams will all come true here. It’s a very cosy small place, so you’ll enjoy your time with the light background music also. And hey, their cheesecake with strawberry sauce is not to be missed!

Pasta La Vista is located in DHA Phase II.

Bamboo Union, Mall One and DHA Phase V

Another Asian Fusion restaurant added to our list, you can just tell our love, and the love of Lahoris, for the Asian fused cuisine! Bamboo Union brings to you delicious meals in an Asian inspired restaurant, with big servings, and unique sticky rice – even with garlic if that’s your preference. You can order Pad Thai, Chicken in Garlic Sauce, or just their Chicken Manchurian, and the rush of flavours will simply make you fall in love with the restaurant. Bamboo Union is located in Gulberg, opposite Mall One, and in DHA Phase 5.

Veera5, DHA Phase V

Veera5 offers you an authentic Chinese and Thai culinary experience. We suggest you try their Thai Green Curry and Sesame Orange Beef to enhance your taste palette and eat something besides the usual Asian offer! With so many Pan Asian restaurants in Lahore, Veera5 stands out due to the unique taste and ambience it offers. Located in DHA Phase V, you can’t put your taste buds through the torture of not trying this place!

Yum Chinese and Thai, Gulberg and DHA Phase III

Calling all Chinese lovers here! Yum – as the name of course suggests, offers you some very Yum Chinese dishes at the restaurant! With an entire Chinese inspired interior and a Chinese vibe, this is the perfect place to be enjoying your Chinese food night out. Start off with some hot and sour soup, enjoy with their fish crackers. Then order beef chilli dry, or even Kung Pao chicken with some egg fried rice – or if you’re into Chowmein, man oh man! Yum has the best Chinese ever too.

Anything you order will definitely be the best you ever have – so don’t be shy! You’ll have great dining inexperience at Yum! Chinese and Thai.

Yum Chinese and Thai is located in Gulberg as well as DHA Z block.

Sashas, Mall One

Sashas is amazingly an all-rounder restaurant, where you can get anything of your liking to eat and enjoy! Salads and soups for starters, pasta, burgers, paninis, and hey, even their Signature Thaali is one you’ll fall in love with. Everything on their menu is delicious – and so s the whole vibe of the restaurant. You can dine in at Sasha’s in Gulberg, next to Mall One.

Andaaz, Walled City

You should obviously have yourself the experience of our culturally rich city…for which you’ll have to go back to the Lahore Food Street, our old Bazaars, and of course, Andaaz! Andaaz is located at one of the most beautiful locations in Lahore – this Desi Restaurant oversees the majestic Badshahi Masjid of Lahore. So you can dine in here on their rooftop while enjoying the views of the Mosque. Andaaz is famous especially amongst tourists since it has bagged the Best Restaurant Award from Trip Advisor 3 years in a row!

Our favourite dishes at Andaaz include their Paneer Tikka, Mutton Chops, and their Fish tikka! Andaaz is located in the Walled City, just next to the Badshahi Mosque.

Fuchsia Kitchen, Hali Road Gulberg

If you’re a Pan Asian fan, you’ll love Fuchsia Kitchen. As the name indicates, the restaurant is wrapped up in hues of Fuchsia. From their interior and décor to their outside courtyard sofas, everything just gives a beautiful pop! Fuchsia Kitchen is well known for its Chinese and Thai dishes, perhaps our favourites being the Crispy Honey Beef and Cashew Nut Chicken.

You can test your taste buds and try their Duck Curry if you want to try something slightly different. Fuchsia Kitchen is located on Hali Road, Gulberg.

Mandarin Kitchen, Gulberg and DHA Phase III

Let’s just call Mandarin Kitchen the female Asian counterpart of Sumo – because that’s exactly what it is. Mandarin Kitchen, as you have probably figured out, offers your taste buds an experience of authentic Chinese cuisine, fit to your liking. They have the best Prawns in town, perfectly fused Chinese food, with a modern interior and welcoming service. Mandarin Kitchen also offers hi-tea slots between 3 PM to 7 PM – and their hi-tea experience is one not to miss!

Mandarin Kitchen is located in Gulberg and DHA Phase III.

The Polo Lounge, Lahore Polo Club GOR

The Polo Lounge, yes, is one of the most beautifully located and beautifully built restaurants across the city. Their white interior is extremely eye-catching, but one reason why everyone chooses to dine out there is definitely thanks to the large polo grounds that you can oversee through the restaurant’s windows. The place is rather mesmerizing to be at during lunchtime. Grab your friends and head out to enjoy the ambience and enjoy Mongolian Chicken or their Stir fry Seafood with Garlic rice! These are both delicious dishes. The Polo Lounge is located in Lahore Polo Club, GOR.

Rina’s Kitchenette, Gulberg and DHA Phase III

Started out as a bakery and now a whole café, Rina’s Kitchenette is an adorable fusion of modern-day food with some cute interior – attracting the youth from all around! Rina’s Kitchenette has very unique tastes with its food, as well as desserts. Our favourite thing to order here is the Baos – perhaps the best Bao in all of Lahore! No one does it quite like Rina’s.

For dessert, the Nutella Caramel Slice is hands-down the best available there. But if you’re willing to try something different – then try their deep-fried cheesecake with ice cream. Confused? Deep-fried – cheese? AND ice cream? Well, you’ll just have to try it to know how good it is!

Rina’s is located in DHA Phase III as well as in Gulberg.

Arcadian Café, Emporium Mall and Packages Mall

Arcadian Café offers a very nice vibe, a restaurant with a few blue lights, dull lighting, and a good ambience in general. It’s a fun place to have dinner, especially when there are so many options you can choose from. Their menu ranges from Asian fusion to Italian, and even Continental food! Oh, and their drinks and desserts are to die for – we cannot stress enough about how delicious their Lava Cake is! Highly recommended whenever you go, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Arcadian Café is located in Emporium Mall as well as Packages Mall, along with being in Gulberg.

Gaia Japanese Fusion, DHA Phase 5

Gaia has a very modern-contemporary interior, inspired by art and lit up dimly, their drinks bar is the signature pop in their ambience! Gaia offers authentic Japanese cuisine at its finest. Their sushi is fresh and the menu offers you a wide range of selection to choose from, and our other favourites include Chicken Teriyaki and their Black Cod! The way Gaia makes Black Cod, I’m sure no one else can.

You’ll be in for a treat when dining in at Gaia Japanese Fusion, so just don’t miss your chance! Gaia is located in DHA Phase 5.

Cosa Nostra, Gulberg DHA Phase III

Cosa Nostra is the OG place to be going out for fun lunches, and a good catch up with friends after a while! With the warm, cosy and welcoming ambience they offer, its always nice to dine in here and enjoy your company with some delicious food. You’ll get to taste Italian cuisine at its finest, so order your heart away! Salads, pasta, burgers, paninis – you’ll get it all here.

Cosa Nostra is located in Gulberg and DHA Phase III.

The Pantry, Mall One and Packages Mall

The Pantry by Polo Lounge is somewhere you’d go for light munching, or when you don’t want to stuff yourself with too much unhealthiness – so that’s good right? You should go here all.the.time!

The pantry offers the most unique salads, something not usually offered at other restaurants. So that’s their speciality, and of course, their thin-crust pizzas are just to die for! Whenever you visit Pantry, don’t forget to try these two, and to top it all off, have their cheesecake. It’ll all be worth it!

You can visit The Pantry by Polo Lounge when you’re at Packages Mall, or at Mall One in Gulberg.

Tapestry7, Gulberg II

Nestled in Lahore’s Gulberg II, Tapestry 7 is a culinary sanctuary where each dish weaves a tale. From salads to steaks, burgers to sandwiches, pizzas to platters, and exquisite entrees like chicken and pasta, the diverse menu harmonizes flavors using premium ingredients. Yet, it’s not just the food; the ambiance blends chic modernity and cozy comfort, catering to any occasion. Recently, they’ve introduced Hi-Tea sessions, inviting guests to enjoy teas paired with delightful bites, ideal for unwinding or socializing. Tapestry 7 isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s an experience where gastronomy meets artistry, beckoning patrons to savor each bite and immerse in its stories.

Coco Cubano, Gulberg

Coco Cubano is the first of its kind here in Lahore to offer authentic Mexican food. Of course, if you’re in the mood for some nice wraps, or TACOS well, Coco Cubano is the place to be! They offer a variety of dishes, but of course, their Tacos are a hit. The fish taco is one we’d recommend you try. The vibe of the whole restaurant is extremely Mexican, with bright coloured hues and paintings everywhere, nice up-beat music, and their courtyard just sets the perfect mood for good friends to hang out!

Coco Cubano is located in Gulberg, and is a great place to enjoy a nice evening.

Dumpukht, Pearl Continental Hotel

Dumpukht literally means “to breathe and to cook”, which is how you’ll feel after you dine in here. Using traditional ways of cooking by preparing food in a handi, the meats you will be tasting here will have the best flavour ever. Our cultural and traditional cuisine from the sub-continent is already loved by everyone alike, which is why we urge you to try the Till Mill Jheenga, and honestly anything off their grilled menu. You won’t be disappointed – instead, you’ll fall in love with the spices and flavours altogether!

You can dine in at Dumpukht restaurant in PC Lahore.

Fujiyama, Avari Hotel

One of the first Japanese restaurants in Lahore, Fujiyama offers a uniquely Japanese experience at Avari Hotel, Lahore. The interior is inspired by the Japanese bamboo sticks, the servers are all dressed in traditional Japanese dresses, and the figures at the entrance reflect the Japanese culture they have tried to inculcate.

Fujiyama offers you the experience of live Teppanyaki cooking, as the juicy meats are cooked in front of you, you can order some of their special Sushi rolls and enjoy! This place is one you should definitely visit, especially on a date night.

Bovinoes Steakhouse, DHA Laore

Did you think we forgot about steaks? Nope! Cooked to the temperature of your liking, Bovinoes Steakhouse will leave your taste buds mesmerized as the most tender meat melts in your mouth. Served with sides of your choice, all-beef lovers will have Bovinoes as their next favourite! And if you don’t like beef then well, no problem. There’s a variety of chicken dishes offered for poultry lovers too. Bovinoes is located in DHA Lahore.

Nisa Sultan, MM Alam Road

Are you a fan of Turkish food? Well then, we’ve got the perfect place for you to go to! Nisa Sultan is known to offer exquisite and authentic Turkish food, so you don’t have to go far to seek the best Doners in the city! Just head off to MM Alam Road, get yourself a table, order some hummus, a few doner rolls, some soft drinks, and eat to your heart’s fill!

Café Zouk, MM Alam Road

Ah – café Zouk! One of the classics of Lahore, which has still retained its name and reputation due to the exceptional food and services offered to its guests. Café Zouk is in fact a small intimate restaurant on MM Alam Road, that has an extremely extensive menu. Name the food item you want and it’ll probably be on there, and each dish is better than the other. Their burgers, steaks, pasta, and even thai dishes are delicious! Pair up your order with a signature drink, and end your evening with a lava cake – have a meal you’ll never forget!

Which one of these is your favourite restaurant? Let us know!