Best Pizza Places in Lahore | 9 Incredible Pizza Places

We’ve rounded up the best restaurants in Lahore for a great slice of pizza.

Burgers and fries are great drive-through fast food we can get while on the go, but you know what’s an even better alternative to these, that’s also the best comfort food? Pizza! And glad to say, Lahoris love pizza. Whether for a movie night or just friends going out for a quick bite here’s our recommendation for the best pizza places in Lahore!

Please note: all these restaurants are currently closed for indoor dining due to lockdown restrictions – however, they’re offering takeaway, delivery, and outdoor dining.

Best Pizza Places in Lahore

1. Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is loved in Lahore the same way it is loved all over the world: love is all in the crust! Domino’s Lahore has a number of pizza favorites, but we’d suggest you try their Tex Mex with their Double Melt Premium crust. The cheesy crust will have you falling in love with it in no time.

2. Papa John’s

Papa John’s is an international pizza chain that has opened its doors in Lahore in 2019, and people have loved their pizza like crazy! Our suggestion to you would be to try their Tuscan Six Cheese Pizza, you won’t regret it, because it’s the best pizza in Lahore on the cheesiest side.

3. Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra is well-known for its amazing food, but if you’re deciding what’s the best thing to order off the Cosa Nostra menu – perhaps their Italian Pizza will be a treat to have in Lahore. Authentic, and delicious, their Pepperoni pizza is the best! Located in Y block DHA, Phase 5 DHA and Gulberg, you can just head over to your closest location and enjoy a scrumptious tummy-filling pizza all by yourself, or with your buddies.

4. Pantry Lahore

If you’re looking for the best Italian Pizza Lahore, then perhaps Pantry Lahore might do justice with your taste buds. Having the absolute best thin-crust pizzas in a variety of Flavours, margarita being the best, these two are definitely the best places to eat in Lahore, especially if you’re looking for the best pizza places in Lahore!

5. Rina’s Kitchenette

Rinas Kitchenette is a small place that offers a big variety of food items and desserts to choose from. Owned by a dedicated pair of brother and sister, their cafes give you the comfort of your own living room – not too noisy. Already known for the exquisite food dishes they offer, their pizza is definitely going to be your all-time favourite!

6. Delish Pizza Bar

In the corners of commercial area DHA Lahore. Delish pizza bar is known for its thin-crust chicken pizza that comes with various oil dips to satisfy your pizza cravings. You can also add on your favorite toppings from the menu accordingly to what you want. To increase their customer satisfaction, they have just launched their deep-dish pan pizza that serves 2 people is among the list of the best pizza in Lahore. It comes with unique and highly demanded toppings such as spinach alfredo and beef strips.  

7. Jalal Sons

Jalal sons is also said to be an alternative for pizza hut as their old-school pizza satisfies the taste buds with loads of cheese and baked crumbs along the sides of the pizza dough. It is ideal for those people who are looking for pocket-friendly pizza that has no additional toppings to it. this pizza is something that our elders would love to have since it’s the typical pizza that Pakistani’s can think of. They recently introduced thin-crust pizza to attract a new range of consumers who are not attracted to the basic deep pan pizza’s the new thin-crust pizza retails at PKR 1100 for a large pizza that serves 8. The affordable prices of Jalal sons add it to the best pizza places in Lahore.

8. Sweet Tooth

Sweet tooth was the really first pizza parlor to introduce Chicago style pizza to Pakistan and people absolutely loved it. It is known as the deep-dish pizza on their menu but people like to call it a pizza cake because it includes layers of mozzarella cheese and layers of pizza sauce along with different toppings and baked perfectly to live up to the standard of the basic Chicago style pizza. You need to try this if you’re into trying new dishes all along.

9. Manhattan Bites

When talking about the incorporation of different pizza styles to Pakistan how can we not talk about Manhattan bites as they were the first one to introduce New York-style pizza buds to Pakistan. Moreover, they let you customize your pizza according to what you want. The good part is the stuffed crust which is filled with their special mayo sauce and free 2 dips that comes along with every pizza that you order.

Which of these best pizza places in Lahore have you tried? Let us know!

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