Best Dinner Date Restaurants in Lahore

There’s just something magical about a quiet night out with your significant other. Having a deep meaningful conversation while devouring a delicious meal will definitely have a positive change on your future or existing relationship. Whether you’re trying to impress someone new or celebrating a special occasion, these restaurants are your best options for the perfect dinner date in Lahore! Featured Image [Via IG @topnotchlahore]

Here is a list of our tried and tested options so that you don’t have your date night ruined wither by bad music, ambience, or food. With their unique interiors and outstanding food, your special night out will become memorable at these exquisitely unique restaurants.

Best Dinner Date Restaurants in Lahore

Top-Notch, Cantt

Many Lahoris are still unaware of this gem of a place in the Jinnah Polo and Country Club. It was recently opened and it’s the first-ever Pakistani Organic-inspired fine dining restaurant. They have their very own kitchen garden, so the food is always extremely fresh and mouth-watering. When it comes to the ambiance the interior gives the vibe of an old Victorian house with the high roof and lovely pendant lights. What puts this newly made restaurant on top of the list for us is the view of the polo ground and the pond. Dining there is such a serene experience, there’s no way your date wouldn’t love this.


Their nicely set up tables with a candle make them the perfect dinner date spot. The newly opened restaurant in Gulberg will definitely give you the finest dining experience in Lahore, offering a very unique ambience with their dim lighting and great services. In fact, the romantic ambience with good music will put your date’s mood to just the right tone for a good conversation.  Specializing in authentic Japanese food, you’ll be woo-ed away with their range of sushi and live Teppanyaki options. With a dinner at Sumo, there’s a 100% chance of the second date!

Amu, Gulberg II

If you want to make a lasting first impression Amu can help you a great deal with that. Owned by the renowned Michelin Star chef, Chef Shahnawaz Amu is at par with fine dining restaurants all around the globe. From its entrance door to the food and ambience everything will have you awestruck! The old-school bungalow offering course meals, a cozy and homey vibe definitely gives the best fine dining experience. The dim lighting, delectable food and most importantly the quietness of this place make it the best dinner date option! Make sure to reserve your spot and remember Amu is only open on the weekends.

Café Aylanto, MM Alam Road and DHA Phase III

A well-renowned name in the list of the top restaurants of Lahore. Aylanto has now opened in DHA too but we suggest that you book an outdoor table for two at their Gulberg branch for a quite candle night dinner. The food options at Aylanto are all delicious but their steaks and beef lasagna are literally to die for! It may be slightly heavy on the pocket, but that one special person is worth all your money and love, so we advise on splurging a little at Aylanto. The ambience and the food quality provide perfect value for money.

Fuchsia Kitchen, Gulberg III

Our Asian taste buds always have us hooked to the delish Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean food that Fuchsia serves. The food here is unbeatable especially their Duck Curry with Bamboo Shoots and cherry tomatoes are heavenly! What I love the most about this place is their personalized service and interior. Their presentation may make you take your eyes off your date! (just kidding) This definitely feels like just the right place for two people in love, there won’t be much disturbance either on your special night at Fuchsia.

Oak and Suede, Gulberg III

Their varied menu is attracting people from all over Lahore but what sets it apart for your date night is the ambience! For people who are a fan of quiet and very minimalistic places, Oak and Suede should be an ideal option in Lahore. Situated on Mehmood Kasuri road in Ittehad Hotel, this restaurant is away from the general public’s eyes that why it tends to be a quiet place most of the time. They are currently serving the best steaks in Lahore, and are a little heavy on the pocket so if you’re on a budget, you might want to be weary. Otherwise, after Top Notch, we would definitely choose Oak and Suede.

We all need a break from our monotonous routines and a special dinner date is just the right thing. All of these restaurants will offer you the best food and service to make your special night even more special. Tell us about your experiences here and if you have more suggestions, don’t hesitate to message us. If you want more options you can read here – best restaurants in Lahore.

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