One day trips from Lahore

If you’re looking for nice trips to plan with family and friends, perhaps going out of the city might be a good idea. And hey, we don’t mean TOO far out of the city either! One day trips are awfully fun, and they can be even better when travelling from Lahore. Featured Image [ via IG @moeez_badar ]

Lahore’s location is that it is close to a lot of beautiful places that you can enjoy to the fullest within a day! All you need to do is be punctual and plan ahead. We picked the best locations near Lahore so that you don’t have to waste any more time in researching and planning.

One Day Trips from Lahore

Khanpur Dam

For one day trips, the distance (from M2, 394 Km and from GT road 374 Km) maybe a little too much but the activities are all worth your time. We highly advise on taking the motorway to keep your journey peaceful, GT road may be lesser in distance but the amount of time you’ll spend racing around trucks and bikes will take at least 7 hours to reach Khanpur.

There aren’t a lot of places that have water sports, but Khanpur Dam offers a wide range of activities like parasailing, jet skis, boating, rafting, cliff diving etc. Cliff diving into the ice-cold water is sure an adventure in this weather! A beautiful resort Mabali Island is present near Khanpur Dam where you can have dinner and then start your journey back to Lahore.

Hiran Minar

The interesting history of this place has attracted many people to this historical site. The complex was built at the site of a game reserve in honor of Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s beloved antelope named Mansraj. Only about 40 Km’s northwest of Lahore Hiran Minar offers a very beautiful spot for picnics and photoshoots! The hunting pavilion in the centre called the baradari can be accessed by the bridge that goes through from the lake. This picturesque place is often used by many fashion brands for their ad campaigns.

You can also boat in the small lake here on very minimal charges.

Harrapa Museum

One of the most iconic cities of the Indus Valley Civilization Harrapa was discovered in 1826. Since then it has attracted a great number of archaeologists and students from all over the country due to the fascinating technological advancement and the intelligence of the people who once habituated this place. Although most of Harrapa has now been developed as a modern city you can still visit the museum and the preserved ruins to witness the outstanding civilization.

On the banks of River Ravi, the ancient city of Harrapa is approximately only 4 hours’ drive from Lahore. Ideal for a short day trip if you want to find out more about the Indus Civilization.

Kartarpur Corridor

The newest addition to the list of wonderful places around Lahore is Kartarpur Corridor. The holy shrines of the Sikh’s have reopened for the pilgrims with the efforts of the government, as they are now flooding in from India and all over the world. Quick fact: the reason that this place is so important for Sikh’s is that Guru Nanak spent the last 18 years of his life here!

Apart from the historical and religious value of Kartarpur, the place is a sight for sore eyes! The white buildings of exquisite architecture and the long walkways are absolutely stunning, on a winter morning, there wouldn’t a prettier site than this place. This is a must-visit place in winters!

Neela Wahan

Nestled away in the mountains of Kalar Kahar Neela Wahan was recently discovered by the public, only a 3 hours and 30 minutes’ drive from Lahore this has to be our personal favorite! This Waterfall is a work of God I must say, the aqua-coloured water and the area around the waterfall are a nature lovers dream come true. You can also swim in the small pond at the foot of the waterfall, but the water is really cold so beware. Remember that reaching this waterfall requires a small 2km hike from the main road so be prepared with your water bottles and joggers.

Make sure you try to take everything like snacks and other important things with you there aren’t any shops near the waterfall.

What are you waiting for? Start planning right now for your weekend getaway! And if you’ve already been to these places, don’t worry…we’re jotting down another list to add to your one-day trip adventures, coming soon!

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