Playdium Your Next Hangout Spot in Lahore

Located in The Avenue Mall in DHA, Ghazi Road, Playdium is an amusement center launched recently in Lahore. It is rapidly becoming a tourist and public attraction due to the wide range of entertainment activities it offers. Playdium is an arcade that consists of games for all age groups, from toddlers to adults. Customers can also book certain areas of the center to hold their events such as birthday parties, and more. The amusement center is located near several well-known restaurants of DHA, which means you can step out of Playdium and immediately grab a bite with your friends and family.

Entertainment For Family and Adults

The Playdium holds rides, games, and fun activities for adults that can bring their children and also have a good time themselves. These activities include PUBG and other games, bumper car rides called ‘Dodgem Cars’, bull riding, augmented reality and VR games, and more. More advanced rides include the Gyroscope, which can hold several people at once and spin them while they are encased in a sphere. People are becoming regular visitors at the Playdium as it offers entertainment that no other arcade in Lahore does. The Playdium is stretched over 19000 square feet and it is large enough to accommodate numerous families and groups of friends on a daily basis. The amusement center is open from 3 pm in the afternoon to 11 pm at night.

The membership system for Playdium is quite easy to understand and favors the customer’s budget. Customers usually spend two and a half hours to fully tour the center and enjoy to the fullest. There is a SoftPlay area made for children who are younger than 3 years. These kids play area provides educational games for children which help them learn and develop new skills. The indoor setting makes sure that Playdium is suitable to visit in all weather conditions. The arcade is fully air-conditioned in the summer, and internal heating is provided in the winter. Moreover, customers can choose from two birthday packages to celebrate their children’s birthdays and make their special days memorable and unforgettable. The birthday parties can be customized and be given certain themes according to the child’s favorite fictional character, color, or place.


The prices for the membership cards can go from 1000 PKR to 4000 PKR depending on the package you choose. However, the tickets are worth their value in money, and touring the Playdium can be one of the most fun and thrilling activity to do in Lahore. Numerous internet bloggers and influencers visit Playdium to record their experiences that helps Playdium gain recognition. The decor inside Playdium is also one to praise as it is designed in a contemporary fashion, with bright neon lights and friendly architecture. The insides of Playdium are well-maintained due to the highly cooperative staff. Customers often remark on the cleanliness and spotless hygiene inside Playdium.

Fun For Teens

For teenagers, the Playdium offers simulator games including drifting, that can be quite fun when played in teams with friends. The seating arrangements in the simulator games are comfortable and designed for long-term use. You can sit back and have the time of your life as you steer your stimulated car in circles. Adults can also indulge in games such as air hockey that keep you interested for hours and develop problem-solving skills. Traditional sports such as basketball are also offered, where you can also team up with strangers and have an exhilarating game that you will not forget for days.

Atmosphere And Vibes

The whole amusement center is surrounded by a special ambiance that makes the Playdium the perfect place to schedule an artistic photoshoot and take insta worthy pictures. You can make your friends take delightful pictures of you while you try to balance on the bull ride, or while you are trying to win a stuffed toy from the arcade machine. The staff is helpful enough to answer any queries you might have while you are there, and the atmosphere itself is friendly and buzzing with a good time. Follow Playdium on Instagram.

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