10 Best Coworking Spaces in Lahore

Coworking spaces in Lahore were created by keeping in mind all the needs of a company. From the availability of common rooms, restrooms to numerous meeting rooms to variety-filled lunch bars. Moreover, some coworking spaces in Lahore even have built-in gyms and game rooms so people can relax and let their creative juices flow.

With so many startups and businesses popping up in the market, the saturated market with the high competition requires entrepreneurs and small businesses to give their utmost best when investing time, ideas, resources, and money into their business. This brings one to the point of how money can be saved. If you ponder over your company’s expenditure, most of your money is generated back into the office space you rent out. The overhead charges,e.g., bills, Wi-Fi expenses, refreshment arrangements, and maintenance, come up a lot. Therefore, to avoid all this hassle, opting for coworking spaces in Lahore can prove to be the best decision you can make for your flourishing business.

The question must have risen in your mind: what is the best place to start? A place with a comfortable environment, a well-stocked kitchen, a good interior, and enough space for creative thinking. If you consider joining one, you don’t need to do extensive research as Visit Lahore has done it for you. We have listed some of the topmost comfortable coworking spaces in Lahore for you to choose from.

Top Coworking Spaces in Lahore

Daftarkhwan, Gulberg – DHA

The prime location of Daftarkhwan is one of the best things about this chic coworking space, as many of you have guessed by the name. Daftarkhwan is an ideal working space if you are health conscious as this working space offer premium office services. They have an in-house café that serves fresh, healthy food in your budget—equipped with excellent shared workplaces and meeting halls. The Daftarkhwan management team goes above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your time there while you can focus on your work. The fast speed of the internet gives access to many opportunities while a nice hot cup of coffee can help you stay attentive.

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
Hali RoadPKR 16,700PKR 65,000 (starting)
DHAPKR 16,200PKR 65,000 (starting)
Vogue TowersPKR 16,700PKR 65,000 (starting)

COLABS, Gulberg II – Johar Town

COLABS believes in making individuals, primarily entrepreneurs, realize their worth and potential by providing them with resources, a giant networking environment, and the opportunities they need to succeed in their careers. Its modern design and architecture inspire starters to believe in themselves and unlock their true potential.  Its in-house events hold a great place in the hearts of many people interested in business development or assisting someone else. The access to free and fast internet makes it even easier for the workers to achieve their goals. COLABS aims to make sure the bright future of the young generation stays positive and, on its path, leads to undoubtful success.

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
Gurumangat Road, Gulberg IIPKR 15,000
Day Pass – 1500 PKR
PKR 25,000 (starting)
22-N, Block N, Phase 2, Johar TownPKR 15,000
Day Pass – 1500 PKR
PKR 20,000 + (starting)

Kickstart, Gulberg – Airline Society

Kickstart is one of the oldest coworking spaces in Lahore. Back then, they were one of a kind in the market. Kickstart provides you with the best networking experience. People from almost every profession are here to get the best office experience. This particular branch of Kickstart is open 24/7 and caters to people working on night shifts. With well-furnished meeting halls and dining rooms. They have the most spacious working offices than any other coworking space. The place where you can sit, relax, think and work without any distractions, disturbance, and interruptions. An exceptionally well-maintained and well-organized working space for freelancers, startups, and businesses. An extremely professional work environment with high-quality standards and professional staff. A very likely picked workspace due to its excellent location and interior features. Perhaps you would like to join right away.

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
Gulberg 58-A2PKR 7000 – 17,000PKR 80,000 – 140,000
Gulberg 62-C2PKR 10,000 – 20,000PKR 20,000 – 30,000
Airline SocietyPKR 10,000 – 20,000Not available

Popcorn Studio, Gulberg – DHA

Popcorn Studios fills the criteria of a professional workplace with all the necessities including WiFi, Meeting rooms, Printing facilities, Valet Parking, Personal Lockers, and much more. Located near Mall 1, you’ll be the happiest here if you are a coffee lover. The variety of types of coffees (on the house) will make you swoon and keep you at your best performance levels. It is also highly recommended for book lovers, is located right next to “Readings” if a quick read is what freshens you up!

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
DHA Phase 5PKR 13,500PKR 135,000 (7 people)
Gulberg PKR 14,000

GitMit, Gulberg III

This place provides a creative environment that allows you to focus on what you want to do and grow without holding you back. GitMit is notorious for having one of the best staff and management systems in the coworking spaces in Lahore. Their priority is to make you feel comfortable and pleased. The friendliest staff helps you with anything you need. Whether it’s a cup of coffee or a nice quick snack for your mind to work correctly.  The well-stocked café bar is the dream of any professional worker. To provide you with such facilities, GITMIT has put all its ideas and efforts into this cozy space.

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
13-J Gulberg III, Ali Zeb Main RoadPKR 15,000PKR 15,000 (1 person)

Regus, Gulberg – Multan Road

Regus is one of the most well-designed and calm coworking spaces in Lahore, with 24-hour access. You can get a desk and work with like-minded professionals to enhance your skills. Its ergonomic furniture and well-stocked kitchen ensure extreme comfort and a home-like experience throughout the day. Some of Regus’s prominent features include an on-site cafe and coffee bar, high-speed internet, printers, scanners and digital desk phones, elevator, parking, and its link to the significant transportations in Lahore. Additionally, it is within walking distance of Lahore Gymkhana, a golf club, and a green park if you want to feel refreshed. You can also access the lounge area in any country where Regus operates, globally.

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
73 Jail Road, Gulberg 9th floor, Tricon corporate centerPKR 96,900 (2 people)
Multan RoadPKR 110,000 (4 people)

Ignition, Johar Town

Ignition Lahore ensures to provide you a learning and productive environment and extreme comfort so you can focus on growing your business. It provides you with numerous facilities, including high-speed internet, an uninterrupted power supply, air-conditioned rooms, meeting rooms, and separate spaces for video calls. In addition to this, it allows printing and photography and office boy services. What makes Ignition different from other coworking spaces in Lahore is that it also has a fun game zone because all work and no play make Jack a dull boy! For your comfort, Ignition coworking also allows personal lockers and has a prayer room and a well-equipped cafe for food breaks during working.

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
24K, Service Road, Block KPhase 2, Johar TownPKR 9500 (9am-5pm)
PKR 8000 (7pm-2am)
PKR 12,000 (9am-2am)
PKR 15,000 (24-hour)
Depends on the number of seats.

Launchbox, DHA Phase 4

Are you working on your job interview, earning online, or trying to improve your productivity? Launchbox has got your back. Launchbox is known for the numerous amenities it gives to its customers. You get reliable internet, ergonomic furniture, standing desks, meeting rooms, and power backup. The offices are temperature-controlled, and you can access them anytime. This coworking place is attached to a lounge, outdoor terrace, kitchen, and on-site cafe. Do you know what is better? Launchbox offers free water and coffee to its customers. You also get access to a skype room and personal lockers.

Location Desk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
134 DD, 2nd Floor, Commercial Market, DHA Phase 4PKR 8500 (open-shared) PKR 45,000 (4-5persons)
PKR 60,000 (6-7persons)

Venture Drive, Johar Town

Are you a freelancer or a startup working hard to put your dreams into reality? Venture Drive Lahore can help you do so. It offers well-furnished private and coworking spaces in Lahore with access to high-speed internet, temperature-controlled rooms, comfortable chairs and desks, uninterrupted power supply, meeting and prayer room, spacious parking, changing rooms, and full-time technical support. CCTV cameras and biometric attendance are installed for security purposes. Also, you can get organic green tea from a well-equipped kitchen.

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Space
384E, Block E, Phase 1, Johar TownPKR 8500PKR 11,000

Huddle, DHA Phase 3

If you are finding a budget-friendly and productive environment for work, Huddle coworking is the answer. At a limited cost, Huddle provides you with 24-hour access, high-speed internet, unlimited tea and coffee, and a reliable power backup. You can also get private lockers (paid), access to printing, LCD, Huddle, podcast, and conference room, mail service, and photo and videography studio. Huddle makes sure to keep its customers safe and hence ensure daily cleaning and sanitizing. The best thing is when you are a member of the huddle coworking space. You get special perks and discounts.

LocationDesk Price / HeadPrivate Office Price
3rd Floor, Plaza #17 CCA, Block C, Phase 6 DHA Phase 3PKR 8500Not available

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