5 Ways to Keep Your Business Alive During COVID-19

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty swept up by COVID-19 keeping your business alive has become a Herculean task. Businesses across Lahore are experiencing a slew of unpredictable challenges; from losing clients to contracts being paused and services being prematurely terminated. Here is a list of 5 innovative ideas that can help you keep your business up and running!

1. Alternative Ways of Delivery

The experience of sitting at (*incoming Sheldon Cooper reference*) ‘your spot’ at your favorite restaurant, devouring every last morsel of your favorite dish is unmatched. However, as social distancing tops the marketing checklist and most brick-and-mortar businesses in Lahore are shuttered down, it is time to get creative with how your product reaches your customer, safely. The options are innumerable, with online ordering, free home delivery and curbside pick-up (or drive-in dining for the case of eateries) being the most abundantly used ones.

+ We have prepared a list of restaurants in Lahore that are currently experimenting drive-in dining.

2. Time to Expand

Every ruthless challenge carries with itself an invaluable opportunity for growth.  The novel coronavirus and the ensuing notion of social distancing has made certain products and services irrelevant in the newly emerged market. This is a great time for companies, especially entrepreneurs of Lahore to step back, reevaluate and diversify their product line to continue catering to its clientele. A home-based bakery can add meal boxes for COVID patients to its menu list, a cleaning company can offer sterilization and disinfection services instead and a fashion house can add a versatile range of face masks to its portfolio essentials.

3. Partner up!

While every organization faces the brunt of the fire, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs in Lahore have come out to be at a higher risk of being completely extinguished. A great option for such struggling businesses is to partner with less-affected businesses, in order to temporarily transfer the risk and secure their customers. Partnerships can also be extended to social media influencers who can promote your brand and increase their online exposure.

4. 1..2..3..and we are live!

Nothing captures a large audience like a live, online retail shopping experience. Live sessions hosted on Facebook and Instagram, bombarding the audience with tons of products, incentivized with ‘Free Shipping’ and ‘50% off’ caters to a much larger customer base that is traditionally too lazy to scroll through all your products on your website or your social media pages.     

5. Communicate. Communicate. And communicate.

Lastly, it is crucial to understand that your clients are as anxious as you are. This is the right time to get active on social media. Engage with your audience (fans, followers and friends) and communicate with them on a personal level. A BTS video, an e-mail update, a live Q&A session and a quick tutorial; anything and everything that will keep your clients on board for future.   

The key takeaway from this discussion is adaptability. Things are not, as usual, business in the city is tough and it’s time for everyone to get creative to make things work.

If there is any strategy that is helping your business withstand the merciless tide of COVID-19, get in touch and let us know. We would love to hear from you. 

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