Top Art Galleries in Lahore

From the timeless intricacy of Islamic calligraphy to the nostalgic expression of the city’s landmarks, Gallerie D’arte of Lahore is an important weave in the fabric of culture and heritage. Not only do they showcase the unparalleled craftsmanship of world-renowned masters, but they also introduce the creative flair of the contemporary artiste. For anyone who wants to experience Lahore in the sculpted elegance of Guljee or the bold brushstrokes of Somia Sindhu, the following art galleries are a Must-Visit! Featured Image [via IG @kosmaria]

1. Ejaz Art Gallery

Established in 1998, as the largest private gallery in Pakistan, Ejaz Art Gallery specializes in the display of Lahore’s contemporary art. Illuminated by the warmth of pale yellow light, and luxuriously furnished in wood and leather, the walls of the gallery are adorned with distinctively curated pieces of both local and international artists. Once you enter the spacious landscape, you are immediately swallowed by an endless kaleidoscope of mediums and materials, from abstract art to figurative painting, from acrylic on canvas to gouache on wasli, from the charbaghs (Persian-style garden) of the Mughal emperors to the streets of the Walled City.

ejaz art gallery lahore
Image Source: Ejaz Art Gallery

Note: For those who love and appreciate art or those who are just looking to redecorate their house with a touch of Lahore, some of the best pieces in the gallery are up for sale!

2. Hamail Art Gallery

With a reputation of aesthetic excellence and exceedingly high-quality artwork, Hamail Art Gallery not only unearths art but also supports and nourishes artists. Since its inception in 2001, this platform has evolved from exhibiting traditional masterpieces to more contemporary work. The gallery has a clean, monochromatic outlook, beautifully interrupted by the exquisite art pieces of maestros likes Guljee, Ghulam Mustafa, Hajra Mansoor, and Sadequain. The most eye-catching work is the play of watercolor on paper, creating a muted illusion of hues. However, I must warn you that this gallery is not for those who like to stand, in solitude gazing at the artwork for hours, waiting to be engulfed by it. In fact, it is often teaming with art enthusiasts and media personnel. If you are one to like paparazzi then Hamail Art Gallery is your go-to place.         

3. Zulfi’s Art Gallery

Last, but not the least, a trip through the art archives of Lahore would be incomplete without paying a visit to Zulfi’s Art Gallery. The brainchild of Zulfiqar Zulfi, a graduate from National College of Arts, Lahore, the gallery is a quaint landmark, that houses some of the best from the artist’s portfolio. Zulfi is a naturalistic painter of landscapes and his work is recognized by the abundant use of light and mist enveloping the Punjab countryside sceneries. A Zulfi’s painting will awaken all your senses; you can feel the freshness of the early morning breeze, the smell of the lush green grass, the chill in a foggy winter landscape and the warmth of an early spring morning. It is truly a spiritual experience, one that lasts a lifetime.

Top art galleries in Lahore
Image Source: Sudais Asif

Lastly, for those who wish to experience the richness of Lahori heritage or the eccentricities of its modern era, these art galleries are not to be missed!    

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