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May 21
52 Reasons to Love Lahore

New York Times asked its readers to ‘tell us about spots that have delighted, inspired and comforted them in a dark year.’ They then enlisted 52 out of 2,000 entries as the ‘52 Places to Love in 2021’. And guess what?! One of them was our very own city Lahore, a beautiful mix of experiences, […]

Apr 14
2022 Ramadan in Lahore: A Challenge and a blessing

As the third wave of the deadly coronavirus sweeps across the globe, lockdown restrictions have been refreshed in various cities of Pakistan, including Lahore. While the city desperately clings to the last hope of normalcy by keeping mosques open for the Taraweeh prayer, it is quite evident that Ramadan in Lahore, this year will be […]

May 21
COVID-19 and the ‘City of Gardens’

As my bated breath hissed through the folds of the mask and my palms perspired through the latex of the gloves, I stepped onto an unwelcomingly deserted Mall Road, Lahore. Outbreak. The Walking Dead. Birdbox. At least a dozen movies/series references flooded our mind as I witnessed one of the busiest avenues in the city […]

May 14
Two sides of the same coin – A Tale of Lahore

Wisps of silver-grey smoke waltzed from the tip of my last Dunhill, as I gazed unwarily, from a window on the 15th floor of the Arfa Karim Tower, at the chaotic weave of traffic beneath. It was 2 a.m. in the morning and like an unruly 12-year old, Lahore refused to sleep. I was working late […]

May 01
Places to visit when in Lahore

Jinne Lahore nai vekhya, O jamya-e-ni This famous, old Punjabi saying translates to ‘He who has not yet seen Lahore, has not been born!’ For someone who has visited the city and basked in its rich culture and vibrant spirit, this phrase makes more sense. But for the others, here is a quick list of […]